Re-elect Judge Siddoway

Judge Laurel Siddoway has earned endorsements from many of her judicial colleagues. A partial list is reprinted here for your consideration.

Supreme Court
  • Chief Justice Mary Fairhurst
  • Associate Chief Justice Charles W. Johnson
  • Justice Susan Owens
  • Justice Debra L. Stephens
  • Justice Charles K. Wiggins
  • Justice Steven C. Gonzalez
  • Justice Sheryl McCloud
  • Justice Mary I. Yu
  • Commissioner Michael E. Johnston
Court of Appeals
  1. Division I
    • Chief Judge Marlin J. Appelwick
    • Judge Stephen J. Dwyer
    • Judge J. Robert Leach
    • Acting Chief Judge David S. Mann
    • Judge Michael S. Spearman
    • Judge Michael J. Trickey
    • Commissioner Mary S. Neel
    • Commissioner Masako Kanawaza
  2. Division II
    • Chief Judge Bradley A. Maxa
    • Acting Chief Judge Linda Lee
    • Judge Thomas Bjorgen
    • Judge Jill Johanson
    • Judge Rich Melnick
    • Judge Lisa L. Sutton
    • Judge Lisa R. Worswick
    • Commissioner Aurora Bearse
  3. Division III
    • Judge Kevin M. Korsmo
    • Chief Judge Robert Lawrence-Berrey
    • Acting Chief Judge Rebecca L. Pennell